As far back as I can remember, I have been fascinated by nature— its majesty, mystery, and above all else, the absolute sense of timelessness. I have been enchanted by atmospheric conditions that produce fog and haze, evoking the still mood of tranquility. I have been drawn to scenes that convey the passage of time, such as twilight, sunsets and sunrises. What is most important to me is not just the realistic rendition of a landscape, but the feeling, mood, and emotions that it inspires. I am most interested in capturing the poetry of these moments, and in this sense my point of view is similar to that of the Tonalist school of painters.


While traveling through Maine and the greater New England some years ago, I was struck by the remarkable similarity between the Cathedral Woods on Monhegan Island and the Russian countryside where I spent many summers growing up. I'm engrained in this reminiscence, this reminder of the relativity of time that I try to convey in my work.